Monday, May 5, 2014

May is here! Month 1 of IUI :)

Welcome May'
May has always been one of my favorite months; growing up in Speedway, IN, home of Indianapolis 500 may have something to do with this. I love the fresh cut grass, feeling the warm sun on your skin after months of snow and ice, and especially the sound of a race car speeding around the track. May 2014 will have a special memory for me this year.
It will be our first IUI!
As much as I'm looking forward to our first IUI, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. I'm extremely hopeful that this will path will lead to our take home baby, but know there's still a lot that has to go right for this to work.
You are where you are suppose to be.
Right now, I'm just taking everything day by day. My plan is to stay healthy and active, keep stress low, and enjoy time with my family and friends during this exciting month of May!
Here's what currently going on:
CD1: Started on Saturday, May 3rd
CD 3: Monday, May 5th: Started 5mg of Femara
I will take this through CD 7: Friday, May 9th
I will continue to update throughout this month!
As always, prayers are welcomed and appreciated!

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