Monday, April 28, 2014

Our 1st IUI scheduled!

im gonna make it happen #motivationalmonday

We now have a diagnosis and a plan! Barry and I met with Dr. Will on Wednesday, April 23rd at 10:45am ... 11:25am to discuss all of our tests and to figure out where we go from here. Our meeting went very well and we learned a lot.. I think Barry more than me ;) 
("Wait, when you say 2 or 3 eggs, you mean we could have twins or triplets?!?"- Barry) 

I think this is the way it was with Kayla, Cameron, and I!! Haha:)

   Cute photo for babies, maybe friends that have kids around the same time or multiples.
Dr. Will went over all my blood work numbers and was happy with where my thyroid levels are currently at, as well as my prolactin (17.1- goal is below 20) and AMH (8.2- doc wanted this to be at least a 2). I yelled out a BOOM when he told me how high my AMH levels where and Doc and I high-fived haha.. You have to have some fun with dealing with all this, right?!

2 minions
He also showed us the pictures and results of my SIS ultrasound. He said everything looked great and my uterus was perfect! (I personally think it will be prettier with a baby in there!) He said I have 20 follicles in one ovary and 18 on the other side. That is double what he said is a good amount! Yeah for overachieving! :) He also went over Barry's numbers and all is well in that department. He is overachieving as well!
(I don't want to be the only one bragging LOL)

So with all these great results, my thoughts went to, "Why can't we get pregnant?" Dr. Will explained that we have around a 10% of conceiving every month with perfect timing. He used the term "unexplained infertility" in our situation, but did have a plan that he believes with work for us. (and increase our chance of conceiving to 20%!)

Here it is...
Femara+IUI= baby (hopefully!)

I will start taking 5 mg of femara, also know as letrozole on my cycle days 3-7.
I will start using an ovulation predictor kit or (OPK's) on cycle day 10.
As soon as I get a positive, I will call our doctor's office to schedule the IUI for the next day! 
We will wait for a LOOONG two weeks and then be able to take a pregnancy test to see if it worked! 

We should be starting this process in early May and know early June if it worked :) 

Please keep us in your prayers! 
I will buy this for my baby if this works! Fingers crossed and praying. #IUI
This outfit is a MUST if this works! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thyroid Update (April 2014)

After celebrating Barry's 36th birthday last Tuesday (4/15) I went back to the doctor on Thursday to have my thyroid levels re-checked. Last month, I went to have baseline blood work performed and they noticed my thyroid levels were slightly elevated (2.89) My doctor said that for a successful conception and pregnancy to occur, they should be between 1-2.  So after another fainting free blood work and about 5 hours later, I found out some good news!

My thyroid levels have dropped to 2.31! I'm so relived this is moving in the right direction, and even though the number isn't exactly where it needs to be, I'm hopeful that in the next month or two it will be :)

The plan is to stay on the same dosage of my medication. Barry and I head back to Midwest Fertility tomorrow (Wednesday, April 23rd) to talk with our doctor, Dr. Will, about our game plan moving forward. We are excited and hopeful for the coming months!

As always, thanks for the support and prayers!

Take a step forward. Even if it is a simple change of thoughts & attitude.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Month 2! (April 2014)

We have moved into month 2 of testing at Midwest Fertility!  Thursday, April 3rd AF (Aunt Flow) started and to say it was a bad day is an understatement. I had such high hopes last month after starting the thyroid medication,  seeing a positive OPK (ovulation test), and not having any spotting like I typically do during my cycle. I allow myself one day to be sad, cry, drink a glass of wine (or two) LOL , and feel sorry for myself. But only one day. By Friday I already felt better and after a busy and fun weekend with Barry I was looking forward to this month of testing/trying :)
This month we... well I had a fun saline-infused ultrasound. I was glad Barry was able to take off a little early from work to be there with me. My doctor was on vacation so the on-call doctor performed the procedure. It wasn't too bad, mostly just uncomfortable. Barry kept me entertained as he held my hand and told me funny things to distract myself from the actual procedure :)
The doctor who performed the test said everything looked great and didn't see anything causing our infertility! Yay for good news!
Next text is my blood test scheduled for this Thursday, April 24th to recheck my thyroid levels. Hopefully they have lowered and are between 1-2! (Fingers crossed!)
I will keep you all informed on what this blood test reveals.
Thanks again for all the prayers!
So true!