Monday, April 14, 2014

Month 2! (April 2014)

We have moved into month 2 of testing at Midwest Fertility!  Thursday, April 3rd AF (Aunt Flow) started and to say it was a bad day is an understatement. I had such high hopes last month after starting the thyroid medication,  seeing a positive OPK (ovulation test), and not having any spotting like I typically do during my cycle. I allow myself one day to be sad, cry, drink a glass of wine (or two) LOL , and feel sorry for myself. But only one day. By Friday I already felt better and after a busy and fun weekend with Barry I was looking forward to this month of testing/trying :)
This month we... well I had a fun saline-infused ultrasound. I was glad Barry was able to take off a little early from work to be there with me. My doctor was on vacation so the on-call doctor performed the procedure. It wasn't too bad, mostly just uncomfortable. Barry kept me entertained as he held my hand and told me funny things to distract myself from the actual procedure :)
The doctor who performed the test said everything looked great and didn't see anything causing our infertility! Yay for good news!
Next text is my blood test scheduled for this Thursday, April 24th to recheck my thyroid levels. Hopefully they have lowered and are between 1-2! (Fingers crossed!)
I will keep you all informed on what this blood test reveals.
Thanks again for all the prayers!
So true!

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