Thursday, March 20, 2014

3/19/14: Finding some answers :)

I used to believe this too.  I don't anymore.  Some people are just vindictive and deceitful...and if you let them into your life they will rip it apart if they get half a chance.
Yesterday was a huge day for me. I had my first blood draw scheduled for 7:40am. For most people, this isn't a big deal. For someone with severe blood and needle phobia, this experience is literally enough to through me into a full on panic attack, pass out, and never want to return to that doctor's office again.
 (Which isn't an option if I want to become pregnant LOL)

Usually, a couple days before a doctor's appointment, I'm already nervous and wanting to cancel. Everything about this appointment was different. I had a weird calm over me that I have NEVER experienced before a doctor's appointment. I had a sense that God was in control and that everything would be fine. Through this whole journey, I keep telling myself, "God wouldn't give us more than we can handle."
Luckily, my blood draw took less than 1 minute and the nurse was amazing. I sat there for a couple minutes after and then left. (Easy!) I didn't expect to hear anything that day or even the day after, but less than 6 hours after my appointment, I received a call from the nurse! She informed me that my prolactin number was in the normal range at 17.1.
(yay for normal!) Then, she told me that my TSH was in the normal range at 2.89 but considered on the higher end of normal for women trying to conceive. My doctor likes this level to be between 1-2. She then explained he recommends that I take 25mg of a thyroid replacement medication every morning on an empty stomach and have my levels checked again in 4 weeks. 
I was honestly kinda excited to hear this news. I feel like it's the first bit of news we have received that is something we can change. I just can't help but think maybe this is the  simply can be the fix that will bring us our baby. I pray that it is :)
- Sarah
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