Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thyroid Update (April 2014)

After celebrating Barry's 36th birthday last Tuesday (4/15) I went back to the doctor on Thursday to have my thyroid levels re-checked. Last month, I went to have baseline blood work performed and they noticed my thyroid levels were slightly elevated (2.89) My doctor said that for a successful conception and pregnancy to occur, they should be between 1-2.  So after another fainting free blood work and about 5 hours later, I found out some good news!

My thyroid levels have dropped to 2.31! I'm so relived this is moving in the right direction, and even though the number isn't exactly where it needs to be, I'm hopeful that in the next month or two it will be :)

The plan is to stay on the same dosage of my medication. Barry and I head back to Midwest Fertility tomorrow (Wednesday, April 23rd) to talk with our doctor, Dr. Will, about our game plan moving forward. We are excited and hopeful for the coming months!

As always, thanks for the support and prayers!

Take a step forward. Even if it is a simple change of thoughts & attitude.

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